Here at Room478 you can find the tools you need to unlock your mindful self and learn how to practise Mindfulness with ease.
Do you….
Find it hard to switch off?
Suffer with anxiety?
Need to create some space in your mind away from it all?
I would like to invite you to find out more about Mindfulness and the true benefits of making this part of your daily life. In time, this will help you be in the present moment.
Mindfulness is an instant way to ground yourself even if just for a moment, as “after all, this is all we have.”


Reference: Eckhart Tolle
A little about me

What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is used to help many things, including improving your mental health, anxiety, depression, stress, improving sleep, work focus, lowering blood pressure. The benefits are endless.
The Mindfulness sessions I offer integrate key elements of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Both are evidence based and the latter is recommended by NICE.
I am able to offer the below services.  I am happy to speak with you first to find out which suits your needs and I can modify to suit you personally. All services are available in person or via Zoom if preferable.
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How I can help you


I am able to offer online sessions to make this easily accessible so you can access Mindfulness from the comfort of your own home.
Introduction to Mindfulness (a chance to find out about Mindfulness and what it can do for you, whatever your age.)
8 Week Programme – (8, 1-2 hour sessions following a programme over 8 separate sessions)
4 Week Programme – children ( 4, 30-45minute sessions tailored for children to enable them to be mindful and use this to help build strength, confidence and happiness )
Personalised 1-2-1 sessions – (additional mindful sessions)
Personalised 1-2-1 sessions – (children and teenagers)
Mindfulness in the work place. Team building/Corporate days- a full day event (a day of Mindfulness for your team, promoting better performance, team working and productivity)
Mindfulness in schools (all children need to be able to have the tools to deal with life’s obstacles. Mindfulness equips them to be able to deal with things more proactively (class sessions available for all ages 3-17)
Prices available on request
Contact to discuss further / free sessions available.


Mindfulness is slowing down and being present, truly present and being aware or paying attention in a particular way, on purpose non judgementally.
It takes on average about 8 weeks for a new habit to become automatic and for the brain to develop new patterns. Completing the 8 week course alongside home practice helps cement new positive attitudes.
Children are at great advantage when learning to practise Mindfulness. With their developing brains it is easier to instill new positive habits. Mindfulness improves the working memory and helps with flexible thinking. Mindfulness helps with mental, emotional and physical health.
Parents are always welcome along to the sessions and we can discuss the best way forward so your child feels comfortable as well as yourself.
All sessions are also available via video link, such as Zoom.
I set up Room478 to work for everybody and am happy to adapt and tailor sessions that work for you. I am a qualified Mindfulness teacher, approved by The British Psychological Society. I like to try my best to be relatable and flexible to suit your needs and own commitments, whilst teaching Mindfulness so you get the most benefit out of it. Most of all, Mindfulness is a proven practice and I am pleased to be able to deliver this. I truly hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.
This Mindfulness practice consists of breathing in for 4 seconds holding for 7 seconds then breathing out for 8 seconds. I chose this as the name of my practice as this particular technique really grounded me on my journey and continues to be beneficial.
I am based in Buckinghamshire, this is where Room478 is situated but am able to cover other areas. Please do contact me from any area as I would be delighted to discuss further. I use video sessions, like Zoom, so you can be based anywhere!
Yes I can visit your work place or school setting as well as offer one to one sessions. Please get in touch for more details.

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