A little about me

Hello, I’m Kelly, an accredited Mindfulness Teacher & Mental Health First Aider.

I have experienced anxiety throughout my adult life. I know it can be a scary place to be. I am lucky to have two beautiful children, but with this it’s not always easy to have time for yourself.

As many can relate, it can be really hard to allow yourself this time; something else always needs to come first and then, inevitably, you run out of time.

The truth is the time is always there, but for me I just felt guilty taking it and didn’t allow myself the space I needed.

When anxiety became present with my youngest daughter, I knew I needed to find the tools for her and also myself to be able to deal with our anxiety and create a safe space for us both and not let the anxiety rule our daily lives.

We began doing breathing techniques, including the 478 breathing method, which is one we really enjoy together.

What is the 478 method?

This Mindfulness practice consists of breathing in for 4 seconds holding for 7 seconds, breathing out for 8 seconds. I chose this as the name of my practice as this particular technique really grounded me on my journey and continues to be beneficial to me and my family.

Qualifying as a Mindfulness Teacher, has been truly inspiring. I am now able to help others and you practice Mindfulness and learn so much more to transform your life as it has mine.

I am more relaxed. I am better equipped to help my daughter. I can control my anxiety and panic. I have the time I need to appreciate what I have right now and simply enjoy my journey.

I can offer a unique programme in Mindfulness tailored to suit you.

The magic is already inside of you, you just simply need to unlock it and with Mindfulness I can help you do this.